8 Healthy hacks for writers with ADHD to stay writing

There are many working healthy hacks for writers with ADHD who wish to make their writing dream a reality. Countless individuals living with ADHD have done so well in the writing industry by using some of these laid-down healthy hacks.

That’s proof that following your writing dream regardless of this mental health condition is possible. To my knowledge, people tend to give up on what they love—thinking that their health issues have become a barrier. 

It may be true for some, but not with ADHD anymore. If you have your diagnosis but still want to write, begin to set up your writing space.

In this guide, we will discuss some sure doable hacks for writers struggling to write in the face of ADHD. Implementing them will help you do what you love and still thrive.

Before we begin, let’s have a quick look at what ADHD is and the signs that come with this health issue.

What is ADHD?

 ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a chronic brain disorder that affects individuals’ daily life activities, work output, and relationships with others.

This condition is common in children but sometimes follows the person to adulthood. Those who are diagnosed with ADHD find it difficult to concentrate on tasks, pay attention to anything, or control their hyper behavior.

Adults struggling with ADHD find it difficult to hold down jobs, especially without proper health management.

It is essential to mention that this disorder can not be prevented in pregnancy or babies, and it currently has no known cure. However, medicine has found a way to manage the disorder with medications. l

It also works better when discovered early in a child because proper management will begin, making alleviating some of the symptoms more easy.

Signs and symptoms of ADHD in adults

ADHD presents mainly in childhood, but we are focusing on adults struggling with this condition. The signs of ADHD in adults are as follows:

  • Lack of a healthy dose of self-esteem
  • Disorganized
  • Mild to severe mood swings
  • Depression
  • Not coordinating
  • Unable to start and finish a work
  • Anxiety
  • Can not hold down jobs or maintain relationships easily
  • Easily angered and irritated
  • Anger issues
  • Unable to sit and concentrate at work

These signs and symptoms are the most common for people struggling with ADHD. Moreover, the symptom’s severity can differ from person to person.

As a writer who needs to sit and concentrate for hours, this could be very challenging and requires a great deal of work to at least focus and write.

Nevertheless, many writers with this condition have found ways to rise above it and excel as great writers. I’m about to share these healthy hacks for writers with ADHD and get you on the right track to overcoming it.

What are the healthy hacks for writers with ADHD to stay productive?

Before we go on, I’m clearly stating that this post is only meant to inform struggling writers and not treat or diagnose Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at any point. That said, let’s quickly go ahead.

Find your community and connect

Joining like-minded communities has a way of making you feel at home. You can find these communities on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or offline. The beautiful thing about belonging to a community is that everyone can relate.

In the community, you will meet people with the same struggles as you and those who have found a way around the struggles and are willing to hold your hands through it.

In addition to that, stay active and ask your most pressing questions about writing as an ADHD person. Someone will be willing to offer some answers and help.

Eat healthy meals

Meals must be easy to prepare and nutritious. If you are on medication, ensure that you take your medications and eat brain-health foods.

Meals with vegetables, fruits, and protein will keep your brain and body at its best. Make a list of healthy meals and plan how to prepare them without problem.

Use personal methods that work for you

First, you need to seek a way out. Doing this means finding methods that are unique to you.

Yes, you can welcome suggestions and even try them out, but try to tweak them to your satisfaction and get what works for you. Many ADHD writers like Dr. Patricia Quinn have been vocal about their coping methods and staying productive.

It could be writing while your internet is off so you don’t get distracted. You could also set up distracting mechanisms to help you recharge after a while of concentration.

Again, you can reward yourself if you cross your concentration or productivity milestone. Find what is good for you and tweak it till it becomes your go-to.

Write as soon as the urge or idea comes

It takes some level of discipline to keep to this. However, sticking to this hack can be rewarding over time.

Get your writing materials on standby and write as soon as your motivation or idea drops. You should not worry about editing now; just let it flow from your inspiration to your writing tool.

Clear your space of distractions

What distracts you most? You can clear it off your writing space to enhance concentration.

It may be your mobile device with internet or television. These distractions may clash with what you wish to achieve. 

Therefore, set up your workspace free of all distractions. You can include attention-enhancing methods to aid your attention and concentration.

It may be a calm, tuned-down classical music, setting off the atmosphere for relaxation and concentration. There might also be other forms of white noise in the background.

Understand how your brain works

Each person with ADHD has symptoms unique to them. So, understanding how your brain is wired will help you find workable methods.

You need to know your triggers, level of attention span, and how long or short your distraction lasts. Be ready to make up for the time lost and refocus once again.

Set clear writing goals

Holding yourself accountable to your daily goals helps a lot. Try to beat your last goal.

More so, see it as fun and time yourself to write for a specific period. The motivation won’t be there sometimes, but your goals will give you the push.

Change your lifestyle

Cultivate a healthy sleeping routine. Find time to exercise and make it a daily or weekly goal. Focus on getting better at doing your tasks and meeting schedules.


If you are passionate about your goals, these healthy hacks for writers with ADHD can get you started on the right path. Tweaking to find a balance for you is the crucial path to getting your writing career flying.

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  1. Even though I have not been diagnosed with ADHD, I get hyperactive and easily distracted most times and it tends to affect my output. This article speaks to me. Thank you

    1. You welcome. Some adults have gone undiagnosed, you can read more on ADHD and compare what you experience. It may also not be ADHD. You only have to work on your attention span.

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