7 Health tips to stay healthy for female content writers

Female content writers ought to know that, among other things, maintaining optimum health is paramount. Generally, the female gender is known to multitask her brain daily.

So, the body starts to protest when we include daily content writing, which can be mentally draining, along with other activities without being health conscious. When the body begins to protest, it significantly affects productivity until you pay attention and care for your health.

As a multitasker who writes, I have firsthand experience with how content writing can ask a lot from your brain and health. Hence, there is a need to practice some health tips to stay on top of your game.

You will find this post very helpful if you are a female content writer who wishes to stay healthy while writing helpful content.

Needful health tips for female content writers

Sometimes, taking care of our health can lead to more writing excellence and creativity. Coming from a fellow female writer who doubles as a health enthusiast, these health tips will help you become a better version of the writer in you. Let’s look at them:

Wear comfortable and breathable clothes

health tips for female content writers

Uncomfortable clothes, especially tight clothes, can negatively impact your concentration and productivity. Tight clothes are not only uncomfortable, they are unhealthy, which can lead to many health issues.

Clothes that are not breathable and also tight can cut off blood supply to different parts of the body and may cause blood to pull in the legs. Constantly wearing these tight clothes can equally cause problems to a female’s private parts.

Studies have shown that tight clothes on females can increase the risk of candidiasis. This happens when you wear your tight clothes for an extended period in a day over time.

By doing this, the tight clothes will reduce breathability towards your lady parts and begin to trap heat. Your lady parts are meant to receive air and stay dry always; otherwise, moisture and heat will accumulate, enabling the growth of bacteria and leading to yeast infection.

Female content writers who wear tight clothes are more prone to this unhealthy situation because they sit for a long time, thereby causing their vagina area to accumulate heat and stay damp.

Observe good sanitary health when Aunt Flo visits

Writing during Aunt Flo’s visit can be challenging. However, female content writers still brave this period and sit to write.

Aunt Flo’s visiting days require that all female writers be extra careful not to cause themselves some health discomfort. These are the necessary things to do.

First, do away with those scented sanitary pads. They can disrupt the natural environment of the vagina.

Secondly, change your sanitary pads regularly. Writing may cause you to become carried away and lose track of time.

So, sitting for long periods with dirty sanitary pads can harm your health and lead to infections or severe skin rashes around your lady parts.

Keep a cool glass of water close all the time

Health tips to stay healthy for female content writers

You pour lots of mental work into your writing, so you can not afford to be dehydrated. Dehydration can cause you to experience uncomfortable headaches and go on to affect your productivity.

Therefore, regular water intake as you write or perform other duties keeps you hydrated and clear-minded. Ensure you drink the daily recommended liters of water.

Drinking enough water helps to prevent some diseases and your organs will be grateful to you.

Do not sit for too long

Health tips to stay healthy for female content writers

Please note that sitting too long is a way to open the door for various diseases. As one who writes a lot, I understand you might lose track of time while creating content and forget to stand and walk around.

Research has shown that women who sit for long periods have a high chance of becoming frail, which in turn makes it difficult to recover from illness. There is another high chance of becoming obese or developing other serious health issues.

Here is one trick to help you. Set an alarm for every 30 minutes. Stand from your workspace and move around.

It is better to stand every 30 minutes than develop heart disease or other illnesses associated with sitting for long periods.

You can not replace standing up and moving around with going to the gym or exercising. Exercising will not stop these diseases so long as you do not regularly stand and take a walk.

Eat healthy snacks and meals

Health tips to stay healthy for female content writers

Most female writers eat lots of junk while writing. Some adopt this behavior because they must keep their mouths moving to distract themselves from dozing off.

By the way, it is okay to snack while you are writing, but instead of going the junk way, there are healthy snacks and meals to eat if you wish to stay healthy for a long time.

Wishing to gain weight is a thing; some writers are in this category; hence, they tend to eat junk and unhealthy snacks. Irrespective of your weight goal, as one who sits to write daily, you must eat healthy meals in recommended portions and snack rightly.

Take a break from mental activities

Health tips to stay healthy for female content writers

Multitasking while writing means you make good use of your brain. Therefore, plan to take rests in between.

You can decide to take a nap and allow your brain to recharge. Taking breaks and mentally unplugging from everything does not only benefit the brain, but your entire being will also relax and reconnect together.

Adopting this method means you will stay highly creative and give out great content.

Write according to your mental and body health capacity

Taking up an outrageous number of writing gigs until you become overwhelmed is just wrong. If you write for personal gains, reduce your workload and expectations.

Write at an achievable pace. Reduce unattainable deadlines and set realistic goals.

As delicate as a female body is, loading it up with stress may cause breakdown and illness. So, remember to take it easy or outsource if the workload becomes overwhelmingly unbearable.


Writing makes sense when the mind and the body are in tune with each other. Regardless of niches, female content writers must be ready to balance staying healthy and doing their jobs.

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