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Top 5 software for online coaching

We are in the online learning era and about time we looked at the best software for online coaching in various capacities. As a first-time coach, experimenting with coaching software demands that you consider many factors that will help your class be a success.

Our realities as online coaches differ, especially as we major in varying fields. That notwithstanding, we still have one thing in common: using software to convey our teaching.

If you have been in the coaching business, maybe as a writing coach or any other kind, you may have tried different software. But hey, this article is also for you because it will broaden your knowledge and offer you more choices to select from with the new features available.

Let us get into the topic with a definition.

What is an online coaching software?

First, online coaching is a means of tutoring virtually without the need for a face-to-face meeting. It helps people far away from each other find it easy to coach, learn, and communicate with themselves.

Meanwhile, online coaching software is the digital tools or platforms built to make online coaching a reality. They offer relevant and unique features but differ in technicality and function.

When you browse the internet, many of them pop up because the coaching business keeps expanding daily. However, as our fingers are not equal, so are these online coaching software, which is why we have curated a list to help you choose.

List of the best software for online coaching for writing coaches and others

In no other of preference, here is the best out of the lot.


software for online coaching

Do you already have an account with Paperbell as a newbie coach? Then, consider creating one.

Paperbell is a beginner-friendly online coaching platform founded by Laura Roeder, a seasoned and successful business coach, and an online course creator. She built her platform to contain everything a coach needs to succeed in their business.

Its features include scheduling and payment options, where you can divide your coaching packages. It also has a download option for clients who wish to download a digital document.

More so, you can hold group coaching on the platform with a video option, or you and your client can jump on a quick call. The beautiful part of the software is the accessible landing pages.

As soon as you create an offer for your package, it creates a landing page for the new offer. Payment methods are inevitable.

The pro version costs $57 per month. Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a coach and holding your sessions online with a simple and navigable interface, try Paperbell.


software for online coaching

Bonsai coaching software incorporates more activities. It is a platform with a five-star review designed to serve as a coach’s office, where you can onboard clients, coach, and do other coaching-related activities.

Additionally, using Bonsai as a writing coach to coach your clients on becoming better writers themselves or any other thing can be very interesting. This lovely coaching software is Gmail enabled, Zapier enabled, and has other integrations.

Your choice of using this coaching software will be rewarded with smooth business operations because it was developed with many features.

The product section of the software contains:

Client Management

  • CRM
  • Scheduling
  • Proposals
  • Contracts
  • Forms

Project Management

  • Time tracking
  • Tasks
  • File sharing
  • Client Portal
  • Collaboration

Financial Management

  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Bookkeeping
  • Taxes
  • Business account

The industries that can use this software include:

  • Writing
  • Design
  • Accounting
  • Recruiting
  • Event planning
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Coaching
  • Marketing
  • Software development
  • Interior design
  • Photography
  • Real estate
  • Legal
  • Architecture

Users can access the numerous templates available in Bonsai and use them to their advantage. You can create a free account on Bonsai, but as usual, you will not have access to all these features until you go Pro.

You can decide to pay monthly or yearly. The starter package costs $25 per month, the professional package $39 per month, and the business package $79 per month.


Software for online coaching

The next on our list of the best software for online coaching is the CoachVantage platform. It is a coaching tool made easy for every coach who wants to improve in their business.

Interestingly, it does not have an overwhelming interface or bothersome navigation. This means it has a welcoming approach, which you can confirm by trying out the free version.

Discover the new, exciting automation that makes coaching fun. You can also automate client sign-ups, enrollment, payments, intelligent scheduling, etc.

Many of its unique features include a client portal, invoicing, contact management, coaching programs, scheduling, forms, accessibility, etc. CoachVantage has a pricing plan to help maximize all these features.

The Clarity plan is recommended for new coaches just starting the coaching business. It costs $29 per month.

The second plan, the Aha plan, is recommended for full-time coaches who are involved in many coaching programs simultaneously. It costs $49 per month.


Software for online coaching

Coaching is a serious business, and CoachAccountable software understands the assignment with its features. The three main ways this software helps offer easy coaching business include:

  1. Saving you the time and effort of doing the admin work of the coaching business
  2. Helping you to close more coaching businesses with clients
  3. Ensuring your clients get the best experience from your coaching and value for their money.

CoachAccountable undoubtedly provides the means to achieve all these through helpful automation. Another essential feature is that organizations, not just solo coaches, can use this software.

Though there is an option of a free 30-day trial, remember that to get the most out of CoachAccountable, you must pick a plan, ranging from a starter plan of $20 per month to a level 5 plan of $400 per month.


Software for online coaching

When an online coaching software offers great coaching comfort like Profi does, it must be on our list of best software for online coaching. Profi prides itself in providing an all-in-one coaching platform and delivers on that promise with the following features.

Easy scheduling and calendar

  • Sync with Google and Outlook calendar
  • Branded booking link for your clients to aid in appointment scheduling
  • Email and SMS reminders

Video conferencing

  • Unlimited one-on-one and group coaching sessions with video or Zoom integration
  • Better coaching sessions with messaging, screen sharing, auto-charging for overtime, note-taking, and recording
  • Share recordings with clients and teams with just two quick clicks


  • Track and analyze coaching performance and earnings
  • Download reports


  • Boost sales with landing page optimization
  • Create program content with video questions, reading materials, forms, and sessions.
  • Client course completion and module unlocking

The Profi platform offers more features. To access these features, you must pay for the plan that best suits your business. The pricing starts at $79 monthly and grows from there.

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